Voters Service Chair

Reprinted from Starting Point (Appendix II.B.8)

Our voters service work is often the first thing the public thinks of when they hear mention of the League of Women Voters. The basic principle of voters service is nonpartisanship–providing unbiased, factual information to help citizens make their own informed decisions on election day. It is always separate from advocacy.


Oversees and coordinates the League’s efforts to provide nonpartisan information to voters and to promote citizen participation in elections.


Develops a plan and sets goals for providing as many voters as possible with accurate, timely and useful nonpartisan information on candidates and election issues.

Develops strategies for promoting voter turnout on election day, with special emphasis on groups with historically low turnout.


  • Identifies other community organizations, individuals, or entities with an interest in promoting an informed and active electorate.
  • Invites one or more of these groups to partner with the League in one or more Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities, including those listed below.
  • Obtains from the state League and local election officials basic registration and voting information as well as accurate dates and deadlines for the current year.
  • Disseminates this information throughout the community, especially any changes in election law affecting the public.
  • Compiles and publishes the responses to local candidate questionnaires (voters guides).
  • Prepares pro and con information on local ballot issues.
  • Distributes this and any similar information on statewide issues prepared by the state League.
  • Organizes local candidate debates, observing state and national League guidelines to assure nonpartisanship.


  • Appoint a committee to carry out planned projects, involving as many members as possible.
  • Work with the public relations, membership and finance chairs to take advantage of public relations, membership and fundraising opportunities provided by voters service.
  • Coordinate GOTV campaigns, candidate debates and other voters service projects with diverse community organizations and with nearby local Leagues, where appropriate.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with election officials.
  • Staff the League telephone during elections or provide accurate and up-to-date voters service information to be taped for the telephone.
  • Organize a speakers bureau, delegating responsibility for recruiting and training speakers and for filling requests for nonpartisan speakers or moderators.


Reprinted from Starting Point (Appendix II.B.8)