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League of Women Voters of Sarasota County
PO Box 18884
Sarasota, FL USA 34276-1884
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Advocacy is support for or opposition to legislation or policies at the local, state or national level.  The League may only advocate for or against issues on which the League has taken an applicable position or principle.

We have two overall approaches to advocacy.
Programs for information/education for our members. Our LWV SRQ Events Committee works diligently to develop the program schedule. We traditionally have two meetings monthly – Food For Thought (1st Friday monthly) and Hot Topics (4th Monday monthly). Members are welcome to make attainable meeting topic/speaker suggestions. Topics are related to League positions, and particularly to our region.
Legislative Advocacy through paid Lobbyists and LWV FL Lobby Corps. For 2021, the 29 Florida chapters and State Committee Chairs reached consensus of focusing on four areas. These “Priorities for the Year”, also known as Issues for Emphasis, are:   
• Education    • Election Reform    • Health Care    • Natural Resources

The Sarasota League has active committees on all four of these issues. Members are not restricted to these topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees on the state level. Learn more at

How are legislative priorities set? The goals are based on:
  • Opportunities to make an impact
  • Member interest and commitment
  • Current political climate
  • Resources available to manage efforts effectively         
  • 4 priorities from 29 local Leagues and State Committee Chairs

Advocacy Donations

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2021 Education
Legislative Priorities

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  • Provide adequate funding for public education including additional dollars to augment operational expenses associated with COVID-19.
  • Oppose any public dollars for private school vouchers
  • Oppose any effort to arm teachers, or anyone who is not a law enforcement officer
  • Oppose use of public funds for the expansion of charter schools
  • Support stronger local district control over charter schools that includes greater fiscal management and accountability.
  • Support a statewide assessment and accountability that provides the same data at appropriate intervals to measure student progress for all schools that receive public funds, directly or indirectly.
  • Support higher standards for early childhood education, for both staff and programs.
  • Support measures to improve district and community collaboration for pre-school programs, social services, and after school programs.

2021 Election Reform
Legislative Priorities

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  • Support automatic voter registration (opt-out system), same-day voter registration, improved online voter registration, and make vote by mail a permanent status.
  • Extend deadlines for signature cures and recounts, and allow 10 days for postmark delays.
  • Support home rule for counties and municipalities and oppose any preemptive legislation to counter home rule.
  • Continue to support voter restoration via Amendment 4.
  • National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  • Implement Fair Redistricting - FairMaps
  • Restore the Voters Rights Act
  • Open Primaries
  • Sarasota League has an active Election reform committee with 8 goals.

2021 Health Care
Legislative Priorities

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  • Expand health care access and affordability by expanding Medicaid Eligibility to adults with incomes below 138% of Federal Poverty Level.
  • Ensure access to health care for women to safeguard the right to reproductive health.
  • People need health insurance to afford health care
  • Since Covid-19, over 1,000,000 low income Floridians are uninsured
  • Almost 11,000 working poor residents of Sarasota County are uninsured
  • The Affordable Care Act includes coverage for low income adults through Medicaid Expansion
  • The Supreme Court made Medicaid expansion optional so the state has to pass a law asking for it.
  • The federal government will pay 90% of costs of medical and behavioral health care.
  • The LWV SRQ Health Care committee has a 5 point Action Plan. They meet monthly.

2021 Natural Resources
Legislative Priorities

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  • Support FULL funding of the Florida Forever Amendment to protect and monitor our drinking water, prevent salt water intrusion and work on Everglades Restoration
  • Support a statewide ban on fracking
  • Financially support the impact on lower income and minority communities that are disproportionally impacted by proximity to industrial pollution and poor air quality
  • Support legislation that would promote the use of solar, wind power and electric vehicles
  • The Sarasota League Natural Resources committee has a full list of action items to support these goals.

REMINDER: Members are not restricted to the above topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees at the state level.
Additional LWVFL committees include:
•  Gun Safety    •  Ethics & Campaign Finance    •  Immigration   •  Juvenile Justice    •  Poverty
Learn more at