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Advocacy is support for or opposition to legislation or policies at the local, state or national level.   We neither support nor oppose candidates for office.  At the same time, the League is wholeheartedly political and works to promote election reform, expand voting rights and protect our democratic way of life through advocacy and litigation.

The League may only advocate for or against issues on which the League has taken an applicable position or principle. Every year LWVFL determines four attainable legislative priorities partially based on input from its local chapters.  The priority process allows for resources, staff/lobbyist time, and the League’s Lobby Corps to be allocated in a productive manner. Concurrently, each local chapter determines its own top four advocacy priorities. However, “Voting Rights and Election Reform” is always number one!

Currently, the Sarasota League has Action Teams which cover Education, Healthcare and Reproductive Health and Natural Resources.  However, members are not restricted to these topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees on the state level. Learn more at

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2024 Education Legislative Priorities

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  • Promote adequate and equitable funding of public education and oppose use of public funding for the expansion of funding of private education, including through voucher program
  • Support a curricular framework that has broad common standards developed by educational experts that serves as a guide to local districts, including the historic mandates to teach Holocaust, antisemitism and African American History, and associated messages of tolerance and understanding, and the new standard to teach civics.
  • Support legislation that would require charter school contracts to stipulate how capital outlay funding and the assets they purchase will be recouped by the school district if the charter school should close or if the building is sold
  • Support any legislation that promotes diversity and nondiscrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, nationality, and ability status in all publicly funded schools.
  • Oppose any legislation that aims to give tax dollars to private schools that discriminate (in policy or in practice) based on those criteria.

2024 Voting Rights and Election Reform Legislative Priorities

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  • Remove the voter suppression elements from SB90
  • Shorten the time between book closing date and an election to ten days
  • Support automatic registration (opt-out system), same-day voter registration, and improved online voter registration
  • Support automatic restoration of voting rights for former felony offenders after completion of sentence excluding any additional fines or liens not ordered by the sentencing judge. Amendment 4 excludes persons convicted of murder or felony sex offenders.
  • Support notifying voters if their Vote-By-Mail ballot has been accepted or rejected and provide a remedy for ensuring the vote of those whose ballots have been rejected.
  • Support the election of the President and Vice president by direct popular vote.
  • Support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
  • Support state funding of return postage for Vote-By-Mail ballots in all counties when Congressional and Florida legislative offices are on the ballot.

2024 Reproductive Health & Justice Legislative Priorities

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  • Defend against passage of any Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (“TRAP”) laws singling out the medical practices of doctors who provide abortions and impose on them requirements that are different and more burdensome than those imposed on other medical practices.  
  • Defend against further taxpayer funding of anti-abortion women’s health centers (also known as crisis pregnancy centers)
  • Defend against passage of any barriers to abortion access, including: gestational limits, limitations on types of procedures in abortion provision, expansion of state-mandated counseling, waiting periods, or parental involvement with minors seeking abortion care, and efforts to remove abortion access protections from the Florida Constitution

2024 Gun Violence Prevention Legislative Priorities
Gun Violence Prevention

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  • Support regulations concerning the purchase, ownership, safe storage for unattended guns and use of handguns and long guns that balance as nearly as possible individual constitutional rights with the general interest and welfare of the community.
  • Support changes in law to allow local communities to enact ordinances for any type of gun safety measures in their jurisdiction.
  • Support expansion of mandated background checks and three-day waiting periods for ALL gun sales or transfers, including gun shows and unlicensed gun sales, and ensure the state provides all relevant records to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
  • Support a state ban on all semi- automatic assault style weapons and large capacity feeding devices.
  • Support changes in the law to make lying on a background check punishable by law.

REMINDER: Members are not restricted to the above topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees at the state level.
Additional LWVFL committees include:
•  Gun Safety    •  Ethics & Campaign Finance    •  Immigration   •  Juvenile Justice    •  Poverty
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