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The overwhelming majority of Floridians think we should all have the freedom to make our own personal health care decisions without interference from politicians.

Despite that, politicians in Florida just signed the most extreme abortion ban in the nation. It bans abortion before most people even realize they are pregnant. Help put these decisions back in the hands of Florida families and their doctors, not extreme politicians.  Join us in putting reproductive rights on the ballot. Sign and submit a petition.  Spread the word.  Help in gathering petitions, if you are able.

How to Help

  • Petition (must be printed, filled out and signed)

The “Floridians Protecting Freedom” coalition has launched a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give women the right to seek abortions up to viability.  LWVFL and LWV of Sarasota County support this effort and have joined the coalition.  Find out more and share with others:  Abortion on the Ballot 

Petition Training 
LWVFL training at the 6/16 Lunch & Learn

Important Petition Gathering Information and Procedures:

    • Volunteer petition gatherers must be US citizens.
    • All petitions must be filled out by voters who are already registered in the state of Florida.
    • Best practice is to fill out petitions in blue or black ink
    • You should have a full text of the amendment with you.  If you have a clipboard, tape it to the back.
    • Be sure to have scripts handy. In addition to the main script, we will be providing other options as you will likely talk to different audiences.
    • All petitions should be checked to ensure that the petition is complete and legible.  If not, have them do it again and rip up the old one.
    • Ripped, damaged, or illegible petitions are not accepted.
    • If the petitioner is unclear about any information such as the exact name they registered in, the name, address, .and voting status can be checked at the Florida Voter Lookup
    • All petitions must be submitted within one week, either by mail, or to a collection hub. Submit them immediately if you can.  We cannot afford to lose one petition.
    • If you are dropping the petitions at a collection hub, please complete the petition Intake Form and return it and the signed petitions to your local hub (hub information below).
    • You may mail the petitions directly to the address on the petition, along with the completed Intake Form. With one first class stamp you can submit up to 4 petitions and one Intake Form. Individuals mailing their petition in do not need to submit an Intake Form.
    • Intake forms (click to download) can be submitted, with the petitions, to a hub or mailed. DO NOT staple. The form asks for the organization the petitions are associated with clearly written in. You may put in the League of Women Voters of Sarasota County, unless you are gathering for another organization. If the volunteer does not complete, the hub will be responsible for completing this step. *Make note that taking a photo or making a copy of the Intake Form BEFORE turning in is suggested.
    • Common mistakes to check for: Make sure it is county and not country. Make sure they did not put FL in the zip slot and the zip in the county slot. It should be their home address, not their mailing address (no PO Boxes)

    Collected petitions are like gold, make sure they are accurate and taken to a hub or mailed to the address on the petition.


    Instruction, forms and hub information

*LWV of Manatee County is the original designer for the helpful information shown above.

Print the petition!

Click below for easy printing:

Reproductive Freedom Petition download

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*Please note that signing the petition is not an indication of your support or opposition to abortion access. The petition is a formality of getting the language on the ballot and enabling Floridians to decide at the ballot box what we want for our state."

The LWV of Sarasota County and LWVFL support an amendment to limit government interference with abortion.  Florida voters want women to have the chance to ensure that their personal medical decisions are theirs and theirs alone to make. The League of Women Voters of Florida Board of Directors has voted to support this citizen initiative effort.

League of Women Voters of Sarasota County

PO Box 18884

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