On June 12, 2016, 49 innocent people were murdered in cold blood at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, by a lone gunman with a semiautomatic assault rifle.

In our family friendly state and popular tourist destination, lives ended. But instead of common sense gun laws to prevent more gun violence from occurring, Florida Senator Greg Steube wants to make access to firearms even easier. Sen. Steube has filed Senate Bill 140, a dangerous proposal that would allow holders of concealed weapons permits to openly carry handguns into:

· Any elementary or secondary school facility or administration building
· Any college or university facility
· The inside of the passenger terminal of airports
· County and municipal buildings
· Any meeting of the Legislature or committee thereof
Right now, Florida accepts concealed carry permits from people with permits from over 30 other states, thereby increasing the pool of people who will be able to OPENLY CARRY in the state when visiting.   Senate Bill 140 would also expand Stand Your Ground areas, could threaten Florida’s booming tourism economy, and place our students at great risk.

If you agree we need sensible gun laws in the Sunshine State, not legislation that allows looser standards and a further proliferation of firearms, join us by signing this petition to oppose Senate Bill 140. Our lives depend upon it! PETITION