Solmart Media broadcasts election news in Spanish

In 2018, Solmart Media partnered with LWV SRQ to encourage voter registration by native Spanish speakers. In 2020, Solmart again partnered with LWV SRQ to encorage voter registration, census participation and voting in Sarasota County by native Spanish speakers.

In the 2020 general election, Solmart Media offered uninterrupted special election coverage in Spanish from 7pm-1am election night. This was the first time a local Spanish Media outlet produced this type of broadcast. In the 6 hour broadcast, there were more than 15 guests. Listeners were also featured with on-the street segments.

Solmart Media now has offices in Sarasota County. Manatee county, with the greatest number of Spanish speakers in Solmart’s coverage area, recently registered 6000 new Hispanic voters.