Restored voting rights: LWV FL hotline, guidance, training

There is a hotline established by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition: Anyone who encounters any roadblocks registering to vote, or has any questions about guidance should call 877-MY-VOTE-0 (877-698-6830). Please share this phone number with anyone who has any questions about whether they’re able to register.

Talking points:

  • Amendment 4 is self-executing. There’s no need for legislation to allow persons with felony convictions (excluding murderers and sex offenders) that have completed their sentences, to register to vote.
  • The League is thrilled at the opportunity to register 1.4 million citizens and is working with strong Amendment 4 supporters in a coalition to ensure that implementation of Amendment 4 is smooth and unobstructed. Any governmental delays in implementing Amendment 4 will be addressed strongly, swiftly, and lawfully.
  • The League is training other organizations to be Third-Party Voter Registration organizations so that the work can be done by many.
  • The League has developed guidelines to outreach all communities including returning citizens (see attached). Note that local Leagues already fall under the state League 3PVRO registration, so local Leagues do NOT have to undergo this process. This is for organizations (churches, local groups, etc.) that would like to conduct third-party voter registration.We will be collaborating with other agencies that work with returning citizens so that there can be opportunities for one efficient stop provision of education, services, and the opportunity to register to vote and regain their voices.

Additional guidance will be sent out as it’s developed. We will be creating a page on with Amendment 4 information for the public in the very near future.

Our coalition’s plan is to determine what the legal issues are, and train volunteer lawyers who can address some of these questions. We’re working with League lawyers, the Brennan Center for Justice, and the ACLU right now, who are researching some of these novel legal issues. We will also develop suggestions for the state to be able to verify whether returning citizens have completed their sentences.

There will also be a Grassroots Returning Citizens phone conference today January 7th at 6pm hosted by the FRRC. We’ll be discussing strategy and how we plan to move forward with Restoring the Vote!  Follow this link to register.

Our webinar on Third Party Voter Registration will be held again in the near future. Again, keep in mind that Leagues are already registered as a 3PVRO so this is not required for League members. If you know a group in the community who would like to register voters but don’t know where to begin, this is perfect for them.