LWV SRQ Ed Fund new member of Sarasota Giving Partner

Our League’s Education Fund has proudly joined over 600  local nonprofits as a member of the Community Foundation of Sarasota’s Giving Partner.

The foundation calls its Giving Partner “a commitment to informed giving” – a way to highlight and support local nonprofits which are making an impact in the community.  Before being accepted, nonprofits must provide a detailed accounting of their work, finances, and leadership.  Prospective donors use this in-depth information as an important on-line resource to research and understand an organization’s work and decide where to invest their philanthropic dollars.

In recent years,  participating nonprofits have engaged in a popular 24-hour online fundraising event called the Giving Challenge, which inspires donor contributions and celebrates the work of the local nonprofit community.  This year, with the cooperation of the Patterson Foundation, a staggering 11.7 million dollars was raised in only one day for 635 participating organizations.

In 2020, the League’s Education Fund will be a participant in this funding event, opening up a new source of potential donations for LWV SRQ work in voter registration, nonpartisan candidate forums and voter guides.  For example, on the League’s wish list is new technical hardware to allow live streaming of our events to  remote locations within Sarasota County.  This would allow our chapter to use technology to reach even more voters.

The Giving Challenge, with its strict disclosure requirements, also acts as a major portal for nonprofits who want to apply for grants  from other large local foundations.    Some prominent local groups will not consider funding requests from nonprofits who are not Giving Partner participants.

Donors in our generous community have many choices about where to contribute their talents and their funds.   The Community Foundation enables our residents to make a real connection between their personal and their charitable goals.

The League of Women Voters is proud to join the roster of the Giving Partner, strengthening our commitment to and connection with the Sarasota community.