CRC to vote on proposals Monday — contact them now!

A letter circulated by Pamela Goodman, LWV Florida follows:

April 12, 2018

Dear Chairman Beruff and Commissioners:

It is our understanding that Commissioners will not be given the opportunity to vote separately on each of the 24 proposals that were sent to the Style and Drafting Committee along with their individual ballot titles and summaries. Rather, they will be forced to vote on combined titles and summaries for 12 ‘bundled’ revisions.

As I am sure you are aware, this dramatic departure from the 1998 CRC’s procedure of allowing commissioners the opportunity to take a final vote on each individual proposal before grouping them, has not gone unnoticed.

Some of the groupings appear to be designed to force commissioners and voters to accept constitutional changes they do not like in order to get those that they do.

Perhaps the worst example, is the grouping of three disparate education proposals included by the Style and Drafting Committee in Revision 3.

This appears to be an attempt to expand charter schools while hiding the proposal behind civics education and school board term limits. And the fact that the words “charter schools” were amended out of the proposal at the last minute is further evidence of an attempt to hide its real impact. In fact this proposal is and has always been intended to strip communities of local control over their schools and allow an unbridled expansion of charter schools. The new words in the proposal accomplish the exact same policy goal in a way that would be meaningless to the average voter. This is just further evidence of the political nature of these proceedings.

LWV FL Letter to CRC