Capitol Report 2015

March 6, 2015
Filed by: Debbie Harrison Rumberger, LWF Governmental Consultant

The first week of the 2015 Florida Legislative Session has already seen a flurry of activity throughout several key issues that the LWVF is concerned with.

Major Issues and Bills:
FAIR DISTRICTS: On March 4th, the Florida Supreme Court heard the suit brought up by the League to overturn a decision in which Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that the entire district map had been gerrymandered along partisan lines, but ordered only two districts redrawn.

EXTENDING HEALTHCARE: The Florida Senate moved to halt the budget process until a resolution is reached on whether Governor Rick Scott and the Legislature would accept federal funding for Medicaid. Governor Scott has asked the federal government not to let the Low Income Pool (LIP) expire, which funds hospitals that serve low-income patients. The Health Policy Committee will meet on Tuesday and discuss Senate Proposed Bill (SPB) 7044.

FSU PRESIDENT DISCUSSES CAMPUS SAFETY: John Thrasher, President of Florida State University, met with LWVF President Deirdre Macnab, myself and Gun Safety Chair Patti Brigham, along with LWV FSU student Laura Goldberg to discuss concealed carry on campus. Thrasher has publicly been opposed to allowing firearms on college campuses.

WATER BILL PASSES HOUSE: The House approved HB 7003, which is a comprehensive reform to Florida’s water policy, and ensures that Floridian water, as well as the environment, remain clean and sustainable.

The following link will take you to each of the bills the LWVF is monitoring. Just click on a bill and it will take you to an analysis, history, voting record, committee stops, bill language and legislators so you can follow the action with us at the Capitol. You can also find weekly calendars and video broadcast schedules so you can watch your government in action.

Get Involved!
Debbie Harrison Rumberger is the League’s professional lobbyist for the 2015 Legislative Session. Updates on League legislative issues will be provided on a regular basis through Capitol Report, which is published every week during the session. Important information may also be accessed at
Watch for your Capitol Report each Friday of the session for news on priority issues and what you can do to help. For updates on or copies of proposed legislation, call legislative information at 1-800-342-1827 or visit the Florida Online Sunshine homepage at For more information about the League’s advocacy, check out