Nonpartisan Policy

The League may take action on governmental measures and policies in the public interest. However, it shall not support or oppose any political party or any candidate. Recognizing that the League experience uniquely equips members for public life and wishing to encourage members to utilize their knowledge and abilities, non-board members are urged to participate fully in partisan activities (on an individual basis). Board members’ activities must be limited to preserve the League’s nonpartisan position.

  • If a Board member declares for a partisan elective office, the member shall resign from the Board.
  • Public notices released by the League announcing the resignation of a Board member to run for political office should be carefully worded to avoid the appearance of endorsing the resigning Board member’s candidacy.
  • The President and Voter Service Director shall not participate in any political campaign in any way. Other Board members shall not chair or administer fundraising of political campaigns or chair campaign events, for a candidate.
  • A Board member may serve on any public, nonpartisan Board, Commission, Committee or Coalition; however, that Board member does not represent the League unless officially designated as a League representative by the League Board.
  • The political activities of a spouse or relative of a Board member are to be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the Board member.
  • A Board member, who has resigned from the Board to run or office or take a major role in a political campaign, shall not return to the Board until at least a month has passed after the political activity has ceased.
  • A Board member may not actively campaign, petition for or support a campaign or political issue that is in direct opposition to a position of the LWVUS, the LWVF or the LWVSC. A Board member may, however, support a political issue on which the LWV has no position. This includes petitioning, placing signage on property or public speaking on the issue as long as it is clear that she/he is not acting on behalf of the LWV
  • The Board shall decide on specific issues as they arise.

Revised and adopted October 5, 2011