Speakers Bureau

  • Affordable Housing
  • Balance of Powers
  • 2020 Census
  • Civics, Civility and
  • Critical Thinking
  • Florida Government
  • Fracking in Florida
  • Gun Safety in Florida
  • Health Care
  • Importance of U.S. Courts
  • Juvenile Justice in Florida
  • Loci-It-Up Program
  • National Popular Vote
  • Plastic – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Plastic Bags – A Different Story
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote
Kitty Galica,DPT, PhD, JD, MPH, is 2nd vice president of LWV SRQ. She serves as mentor to new speakers.
Carol Hartz is the current president of LWV SRQ and gun safety chair. Carol speaks on LWV of Sarasota County: How we make democracy work and Gun Safety.
Lynn Nilssen (2nd from left) speaks on Solar energy and how cities can move towards 100% clean renewable energy. She is active in the Sarasota Climate Justice Coalition and Ready for 100 Sarasota.
John Pearce speaks on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and the Importance of the 3 Branches of the U.S. Government. He is a former national economics correspondent for The Associated Press in Washington, entrepreneur, and magazine editor in Germany. He is author of two well-reviewed Paris thrillers. Treasure of Saint-Lazare and Last Stop: Paris. He blogs at Part-Time: Parisian
Ruth A. Brandwein chairs Health Care and speaks on health-related issues, including Medicaid reform. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) awarded Ruth A. Brandwein, PhD, MSW, a Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades of work advocating for children, the homeless, women and people of color and for training generations of social workers to be strong and effective community organizers.
Phyllis Vogel (right), past president LWV SRQ, speaks on Election Issues and The History of the League of Women Voters.

To request a presentation from our Speaker’s Bureau, email SpeakersBureau@lwvsrq.org.